Our office is conveniently located in downtown Lewisburg, right next to the Campus Theatre.

Explore what the nonprofit community of the Central Susquehanna Valley has to offer.

The Central Susquehanna Valley is blessed to have an abundance of knowledge and opportunities. We here at the CommUnity Zone are in the process of compiling this information in order to make it easier to locate services, events, trainings, and other volunteer opportunities in and around town.

Spotlight on Discussion

The CommUnity Zone serves as a meeting place for many local residents and groups.

We are excited to connect you with these valuable resources, which, we hope, will allow you to learn, grow, and expand your knowledge about the richness of your local community.

As a significant point of connection to our local nonprofit community, our hope is that all nonprofit organizations in the central Susquehanna Valley will use us as a resource to find talented volunteers, musicians, artists, opportunities for sharing personal expertise, and to learn about and facilitate bartering with local residents.

We are committed to sharing our resources to learn from each other, become more effective in our ability to collaborate, and reap the benefits of working together. We believe that when people connect, synergy happens.

Partner exhibition at the Public Library for Union County - May 2013

Partner exhibition at the Public Library for Union County – May 2013

Become a Partner and you can share our space and network with our 13 other partners, learning about the fantastic work they do bringing various services to our community. If full Partnership is too much of a commitment for you at present, consider becoming a Patron instead.

For more information, please call us at (570-)238-1818, join us on Facebook or Email us directly at community.zone.lewisburg@gmail.com